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About a Couture Traders Franchise

Re-commerce is changing the way consumers purchase luxury brands, as evidenced through the closure and consolidation of countless luxury style department stores throughout the country. Couture Traders has captured a massive amount of market share, while still at the ground level. We are currently looking for qualified owner operators to take advantage of what we’ve spent the last several years proving. Buyers want to save money, and if that means purchasing a gently used luxury brand, then they will.

Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Valencia, Yves St.Laurent and more, virtually sell themselves when they are offered at up to 70% off MSRP. Help us bring these savings to customers in your area by joining our team at the ground floor.

What factors should you strongly consider when deciding upon a Couture Traders or any Franchise:

  • What brands are being sold. Are they recognized and respected?
  • Does the Franchisor offer proven guidelines on how to operate your own location every step of the way?
  • If I do not know anything about designer brands, can I still successfully operate a Couture Traders Franchise?
  • Does the Franchisor offer a back office support infrastructure to support my efforts DAILY, from day one?
  • Does making up to 50% return on investment excite me?
  • Does having hundreds of designer handbags, wallets, sunglasses and shoes at your disposal for personal use, if desired, excite you?

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