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    No previous experience is necessary to qualify for a Couture Traders franchise! We have built, proven and maintain a Franchisee support infrastructure to guide new Franchisee’s through the entire process. Our Couture Traders product authenticators, appraisers and product buying experts, will guide you through every step, from day one and beyond.

    Couture Traders is completely dedicated to the success of its franchisees. Every franchisee can expect consistent and ongoing support from the corporate office. This information does not constitute an offer or the sale of a franchise.

    What factors should you strongly consider when deciding upon a Couture Traders or any Franchise:

    • What brands are being sold. Are they recognized and respected?
    • Does the Franchisor offer proven guidelines on how to operate your own location every step of the way?
    • If I do not know anything about designer brands, can I still successfully operate a Couture Traders Franchise?
    • Does the Franchisor offer a back office support infrastructure to support my efforts DAILY, from day one?
    • Does making up to 50% return on investment excite me?
    • Does having hundreds of designer handbags, wallets, sunglasses and shoes at your disposal for personal use, if desired, excite you?
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