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Thousands of Designer Handbags,
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Couture Traders. Sell Smart. Buy Smarter.

From Main Street to Mainstream: In 2016, Couture Traders set out to light the world of re-commerce on fire by being one of the first retailers offering to outright purchase designer authentic handbags and accessories directly from consumers.

Our simple process takes the waiting, guesswork, and control away from outdated consignment shops, online retailers, and mysterious buyers and sellers found on social media, while at the same time offering thousands of designer brands at deeply discounted rates.

Couture Traders’ goal was, and continues to be, to empower women and men alike to go ahead and shop luxury, authentic designer brands, and to help them save money, time, and time again.

Couture Traders, LLC is dedicated to providing the most pleasurable experience, for selling and or buying pre-loved designer brand and luxury handbags as well as accessories, to clients around the world.

Located in Ledgewood, New Jersey, and Las Vegas, Nevada, our showrooms carry a diverse range of pre-loved designer handbags and accessories. All our items are guaranteed 100% authentic. Buy, sell, and trade with confidence!

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