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Couture Traders and our Franchisees, only deal with 100% authentic designer brands. Our internal support team back at CT Central will authenticate, appraise and guide you through the entire buying process and selling process, from the in-take of items, all the way to profitability!

Does the Franchisor offer proven guidelines on how to operate on your own location, every step of the way?

Early on, the founders of Couture Traders were approached by various investors and potential Franchisee’s, asking if they would be willing to open several Franchises immediately. The founders emphatically declined. The reason behind their response was simple: The model for success was still being designed. They knew that Couture Traders was in the early stages of building something special. At the time, the end to end support solution that would eventually enable any Franchise to open a single or multi unit location(s) without knowing anything about the luxury handbag and accessory market, was still in the works. Once the solution was proven, the entire Couture Traders team knew that successfully multiplying the footprint, and going from opening one or more locations, to profitability using our tested model was simple. From our customized back office support infrastructure to our professionally designed, built and published CT Operations Manual, the proven formula is just waiting for the right Franchisee to take the next steps!

I do not know anything about designer brands, can I still successfully operate a Couture Traders Franchise?

From the onset, the founders of Couture Traders knew they had established something special. A retail, re-commerce experience unlike any other. However, in order for it to grow, with a continued path of success and profitability for our investors and Franchisee’s, they knew they had to implement strict guidelines, solid ways of working as well as the technological infrastructure to allow each Franchisee the ability to operate a profitable location, without knowing anything about the designer luxury resale market, from day 1. Couture Traders has customized and implemented one of the world’s most recognized back office solutions to allow CT Central to communicate real time with each and every franchisee. This communication allows CT Central to authenticate, appraise and appropriately price each item based on strict guidelines that are available in our Operations Manual. The Couture Traders experts, back at CT Central, will guide you through every step of the way. From in-take to sale, they leave no step unmonitored and unsupported.

Does the Franchisor offer a back office support
infrastructure to support my efforts daily, from day one?

Absolutely! Unlike other retailers, Couture Traders planned well in advance of launching their Franchise Program for the support that would be required to ensure the success of each Franchisee. Couture Traders has implemented a system that puts the industries best Authenticators, Appraisers and Advisors right at your fingertips. At CT Central, one of the motos will always be “No Franchisee is ever alone!” From day one you will feel the presence of our support staff. From the moment a customer brings in an item to sell or trade, you will have the entire CT Central Team at your back. Supporting you, guiding you and ultimately being an integral part of your team….from DAY ONE!

Does having a near endless supply of designer handbags, wallets, sunglasses and shoes at your disposal for personal use, if you desire, excite you?

Have you ever imagined having a closet the size of a retail store, filled with authentic designer luxury items to use at your discretion? As a Couture Traders Franchisee, you own your products, you DO NOT CONSIGN them. That means, if you would like to reward your hard work, or that of a colleague, by instilling a loaner program, Couture Traders encourages it. Safely displaying your merchandise at parties, special events such as weddings and graduations, and just in general, always helps to promote the brands, Couture Traders and overall profitability. In some instances, you may even want to reward your employees with the temporary use of a loaner. Be sure to remind everyone who mentions how gorgeous your item is, that someone else paid full retail price first!

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